Staking UMA (UMA) on 4 platforms at 10.52%

Staking cryptocurrency always requires preliminary research. TheCoinEarn experts have collected and analyzed the most important data for you to rely on in your staking decisions. Advanced algorithms developed by our professional team ensure you get real-time numbers on each UMA staking.

Unique APR graph will be helpful in analyzing the growth and decline trends of UMA cryptocurrency, while the table, created by our experts, will provide you with up-to-date information on stakings available on each platform.

Maximize your reward potential by staking UMA cryptocurrency on crypto platforms, such as, Binance, OKX, Bitrue. Staking involves locking a certain amount of UMA in a smart contract or platform, enabling participation in the network's consensus mechanism and earning rewards.

Currently, several platforms offer UMA staking, with an average APR of 2.32%. Among these, stands out by providing the best staking option for UMA, offering an APR of 10.52% for an indefinite period.

To stake UMA, simply register on one of the platforms listed on our website, deposit your UMA tokens, and begin earning rewards.


Staking UMA

Chart with average staking UMA APR

The graph provided below is a result of the thought research conducted by TheCoinEarn. It includes the most relevant numbers on UMA staking and allows you to analyze dynamics of minimum, average, and maximum APR of UMA over time, making it easy to determine growth and decline patterns. You can use this unique graph as a reliable source to make thoughtful decisions on UMA staking.


Best place to stake UMA (UMA)

TheCoinEarn collaborates with the most reputable crypto platforms to ensure you get the most relevant data to make well-informed and beneficial staking decisions.

If you’re looking for the best platform to stake UMA, consider that currently offers the highest APR of 10.52% for an indefinite period (or up to indefinite period days).

Sorting APR
End Date
Sorting Duration
10.52 % APR
2.03 % APR
5 % APR
1 % APR

Where can I stake UMA (UMA)?

There’s a wide range of crypto platforms offering staking opportunities for various tokens. UMA can be staked on Binance, Gate, Pancake, and others. Each platform offers unique opportunities for staking UMA. TheCoinEarn consistently updates the information, adding the most relevant numbers from trustworthy sources for you to make informed decisions.

Can you stake UMA (UMA)?

With the continuous growth of the crypto industry, the selection of coins is rapidly expanding, which complicates the staking decisions for various reasons. The first one to consider is if the token is available to stake. Not every cryptocurrency can be staked, mainly because it lacks the proof-of-stake model. When it comes to UMA (UMA), it can be staked on 4 platforms, which offer 8 staking options with an average APR of 2.32%.

How to stake UMA (UMA)?

Staking different tokens comes with various features, rewards, and staking requirements, which are determined by both the cryptocurrency and the platform you choose to stake on. TheCoinEarn thoroughly collects and analyzes all necessary data for you to choose the best staking option for your needs. After you choose the most convenient platform to stake, you’ll need to register, deposit a certain amount of UMA, and await your earnings.

What is staking UMA (UMA)?

Staking different coins often involves various staking processes, which are necessary to understand before you engage in them. If you’ve decided to stake UMA, you have to know that staking this cryptocurrency refers to the process of locking up (or staking) a certain amount of UMA (UMA's native cryptocurrency) in a smart contract or on a platform to participate in the network's consensus mechanism or provide it for temporary usage on the platform, thereby earning rewards.