BTSE crypto staking platform

BTSE, which stands for 'Buy, Trade, Sell, Earn', is one of the top crypto platforms, offering opportunities for simple and secure trading operations. Founded in 2018, it has gained the trust of over 1.4 million users over time. BTSE offers a wide range of crypto services, from classic staking and spot trading to bot copy trading— a unique feature that provides an opportunity to copy the trading strategies of successful traders.

When it comes to staking, the average APR of cryptocurrencies on BTSE is 5.30%, but you can find each coin's APR and duration by checking the table we thoroughly conducted for your needs. Our experts continuously monitor the latest staking trends to ensure that you receive accurate and up-to-date data.


BTSE Staking Chart

The chart provided below is an excellent tool for analyzing the growth and decline trends of minimum, average, and maximum APRs of BTSE stakings. Developed by TheCoinEarn, it allows you to easily navigate data across various time frames: you can select the desired period from the header or choose a custom one.

This feature will help you to obtain a comprehensive picture of the staking state on the BTSE platform in real-time, as well as retrospectively.

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